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Fatih Sultan Mehmed II leads Ottoman Army to Istanbul

The mountain or the Letter of QAF, also called Jabal al-Awliya, or Mountain of the “Wardens of the Divine” is a “reality” on the boundary between the purely physical human world and its most subtle extensions, located on the edge of the world of imagination, or Alam al-Mithal. A place that, at one time, encloses the world of bodies and physical laws, but it is its true centre and axes. There has seat the KING OF THE WORLD or Pole of the Time, the Qutb al-Aqtab al-Zaman, and the Great Rescue, al-Ghawth, from there he indirectly exercises through his representatives and executors his authority on the “human events”. Therefore there lies the true centre of human reality; there the gaze of the Divine Presence looks directly to this world. All other centres, major or minor, visible or invisible depend on it, directly or indirectly. We chose this name because, we want to present to those who have the capability to “catch”, doctrines from different schools of tasawwuf. Given the composition of the editorial team of the website and the mandate under which we have implemented it, we will put a particular emphasis on the Rifa’y Sayyadi Order, first branch of the Rifa’y Order, which is establishing itself in West Europe.

Particular attention is paid to the work of “providential pioneers” of tasawwuf in Europe, such as Shaykh Abd al-Hadi Agueli, Shaykh Abd al-Wahid Yahya, Sheikh Mustafa Valsan, Shaych Husseyn (Roger Maridor) and their disciples.