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«Set Yourself completely towards the Primordial Religion (li-l-Dîn) with pure intention (hanîfan), and with original attitude (fitra) which God has given to mankind; there is no change in the creation of God. Here is the Permanent Religion (al-Dîn al-Qayyim), but most of the men do not know» (Qur’ân, xxx, 30).

According to the divine revelation only one is the religion which each messenger (Be Peace Upon Them All) delivered to mankind, in whatever aspect, form, language it was transmitted, from the first created man Adam to the last prophet Muhammad (pbuh). At the very core of this unique message there is and there always has been the “Education of the nature of the Human being”.

Each messenger (Rasul) and his direct prophetic successors (Nabi) in his teaching (Risalah) came to the specific people of their land and time with the same knowledge (Ma’arifa) of the one Truth and the same experience of it (Haqiqa). In harmony with the conditions of the people to which they were sent they taught an educative method (Tariqa) which allows their followers to perceive the Truth and to act upon It, meanwhile the external aspect of each method, interdictions and injunctions that are taught, form the religious law of their communities (Shari’a). Each man who comes in touch with any of the Divine Message, takes how much of his nature needs, for some the second ones are enough, others can not extinguish their thirst until they hasve drunk from the river of Ma’arifa. If Ma’arifa and Haqiqa never change in time and space, the Method and Law change from Rasul to Rasul, from Nabi to Nabi, and in absence of Nabi, the spiritual inherits (Awlya, saints, and Ulema, religious scholars) of each messenger adapted them to the different people they met and to the condition of the world at their time, accordingly with the sciences they have received from their messenger.

“I was not sent except for improving your character”

“The Best religion in front of God is a tolerant Monotheism (Hanifiya)”

Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him)

Such revelations of the Truth are as rings of a chain, they are the cradle of the great civilizations of mankind, some we currently know historically, some other we do not. As the End always for its nature summarizes the its own Begin, then the end of the chain of revelations of the Unique Truth summarize all what was before, and its method and law summarize all the others. No other cradle of civilization has appeared to mankind after the revelation of the Messenger Muhammad (pbuh). He taught a specific form of spiritual education and law of behavior, the spiritual leaders of his community have then call the complex of his method (tariqa), its aim and its results Tasawwuf, later secular scholars have adapted a derived word, Sufiya, and used the term of SUFISM. Whatever is the name given Sufism is and has been one as the Truth to which it leads, the inner aspect of each revelation is Sufism, and walk on the path of Sufism accordingly the way and the teaching of the last messenger is to walk on the spiritual path of any of the previous messenger.

“And Ali is for me what Harun ( Aron,PuH) was for the Prophet Musa (Moses, pbuh)

 “I am the Citadel of the Knowledge and Ali is its Gate”

Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him)

The last Messenger, Muhammad (pbuh) was also the last prophet (Nabi) then he was not succeeded by any prophet, however he left the closest of his companion, his cousin and son in law, Ali (puh) as full inherit of his spiritual knowledge, and with him and after him his descendant. For over 3 centuries the transmission of the muhammadian spiritual method sprout from His blood lineage, until formal structures or orders were established by His most relevant successors, called Pir or Qutb of each order, which organized, following their spiritual “taste”, the unique method in different aspects. Thus came to existent the so called “Sufi Orders”, which with variable structures and organizations, have been from then the main way to preserve and transmit for benefit of all mankind the spiritual teaching of the Last Divine Messenger. From the Great Pir lines of transmission of spiritual knowledge have streamed in time and space, giving life to spiritual centers (called either Asitane, Dergha, Khanaqa, Tekknja, or Zawya) all over the world; where leading authorities, Shaykh (pl. Shuykh), have taken the responsibilities to give such knowledge to its seekers in the measure of their needs and understanding.

Among the main orders, as one of the most ancients which carries directly the heritage of Ali (puh), the successor of the Messenger Muhammad (pbuh), there is the Holy Order of Rifaiyya, which has as founder, Pir Sayyid Ahmad ar Rifay (qs), born in the year 1118, in Wasit,  south of Bagdad, Iraq, and who left this world in 1182. This order has spread all over the world, and during time as others has generated several branches, one of them is the Sayyadiya, which was established by the great son of Sayyid Pir Ahmad Rifay (qs), Sayyid Shaykh Ahmad Izzidin as Sayyad (qs). During the XIX century the main spiritual center of such branches was established in Istanbul, where is still leaded by the current Shaykh of the Order, Shaykh Hussayn Tajjer Deniztoker.


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