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The Akbarian lineage within the Shadhilya Order

The so called western modernity, being a “culture” without a centre, from its very beginning started to produce a thirst for “the else”, a fascination with what was lost “inner” and was not understood “outer”. At the same time of fighting and conquering the “East” by the colonial or neo colonial order, or by the […]

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Where the hearts met

THE PILGRIMAGE TO SHRINES   “Oh believers! Fear Allahu ta’ala! Seek for a mean to approach Him!” (Al-Ma’ida, 38) One of the more common if not the commonest religious practice, which be found not only within the Religious traditions descendant from Hadrat Ibrahim (AS) (Judaism, Christianity and Islam), but also spread among nearly all the […]

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Mashrab Sayyadi

    In questo breve articolo vogliamo dare una descrizione della prospettiva propria alla Rifa’iyya-Sayyadiyya, del suo usul e del suo mashrab, in rapporto a Shari’a e Tariqa. Riteniamo che, oggigiorno, sia quanto mai necessario ribadire la preminenza ontologica della ‘Conoscenza Esoterica’ sul suo riflesso esteriore ovvero la legge religiosa. Questo perché un crescente numero di esperti […]

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